White dress


• Exclusive, summer dress
• Open back
• Back detail - beautifies a woman's waist
• Highest quality fabric
• Handmade in Lithuania

Size S: Chest up to 100 cm; Waist - up to 75 cm; hips - up to 100 cm, (waist can be adjusted with straps); Length (from the shoulder) - 105 cm.

M size: Chest - up to 105 cm; Waist - up to 80 cm; hips - up to 107 cm. (waist can be adjusted with straps); Length (from the shoulder) - 105 cm.

L size: Chest - up to 110 cm; Waist - up to 90 cm; (waist can be adjusted with straps); Hips - up to 115 cm. Length (from the shoulder) - 105 cm.

Model: 170 cm, wears size S.

Product Description

Feminine woman... Happy woman.. Beautiful woman... What needs to be done so that what we have listed radiates naturally and sincerely from within each of us? After Chère Madame is convinced that it is enough to exchange the trousers for a dress. After putting on a dress, you want to put on makeup, do your hair nicely, and stretch. You will not do men's work with a dress, you will want to be soft, feminine. Such a woman will receive flowers and compliments more often. Isn't that what we women want?

The new collection is bold, exclusive, extremely carefully designed and thought out!

The dress created by Chère Madam will emphasize your femininity and elegance, that's exactly what this summer's dresses are. Created in Lithuania and quickly becoming famous, the brand has repeatedly emphasized that the most important goal of Chère Madam is the quality and elegance of the products, so the silk dress was designed long and carefully, combining the length and style to reveal these feminine qualities. Fabrics have been tested many times until the best, high-quality, soft, non-crease fabric is selected. With this garment you will feel comfortable, elegant and easy, it will catch the eyes of those around you, giving you self-confidence.

White dress - a classic you've been waiting for for more than one season. This color is perfect for a tanned body, while emphasizing the most beautiful curves of your figure...

For this summer, we have chosen a bold but delicate model, the open back is an exclusive detail that definitely shapes a beautiful and graceful back.

Choosing this beautiful silk dress, you will feel the pleasantly smooth fabric and become a real summer queen... The unique rich color will highlight the beauty of your personality and give you self-confidence. With this dress you will look elegant, seductive Chère Madam…

Chère Madam can't wait to decorate you with an exclusive dress made in Lithuania!

Production deadline - up to 20 days

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