White pajama set with pants and feathers


Individual order

Nightgowns are sewn individually, production deadline is 10 days!

◆The nightwear set consists of limited collection nightwear and a robe;
◆Made in Lithuania;
◆Fabric - especially high quality "Armani" silk;
◆The wide sleeves of the robe are surrounded by white feathers;
◆Exclusive French lace;
◆The length of the night straps is adjustable.


Nightwear S size: chest - up to 90 cm; waist - 85; length - 71 cm;

Nightwear M size: chest - up to 100 cm; waist - 88; length - 71 cm;

Nightwear L size: chest - up to 103 cm; ; waist - 90; length - 71 cm;

Robe - universal, suitable for women wearing size XS-L, adjustable with a belt. Length - 90cm.

Product Description

Pre-order! The deadline for production is up to 15 days.

White pajamas with pants and feathers

As the wedding season approaches, white nightgowns are becoming one of the most sought-after items among brides. The color white symbolizes purity, light, cleanliness, and goodness... In Lithuania, pajamas made of high-quality "Armani" silk fabric will make women feel like elegant, self-confident ladies.

When designing nightwear, representatives of the Chère Madam brand aimed to create a look where sleepwear is associated not only with comfort but also with a woman's grace - allowing you to feel luxurious while resting or enjoying a cup of black coffee in bed early in the morning. Chère Madam's pajamas, a brand beloved by women, are adorned with luxurious, natural ostrich feathers, gracefully lying on your body and emphasizing the feminine silhouette.

Women's sleepwear is an essential part of the wardrobe, and these pieces shape the image of a flawless lady, allowing you to feel feminine during rest or sleep.

Most customers admire our brand fabric, which is artificial silk, also known as Armani silk. The exclusive, cutting-edge technology in creating this fabric ensures the best balance of quality and comfort. Chère Madam nightgowns are soft, gently draping over the body, with a shiny and substantial fabric - undoubtedly adding luxury and grandeur to the product. White nightgowns are beloved by customers and are purchased throughout the year - perfect for gifting to a loved one on important occasions or for indulging in feeling special, like the queen of the house in your own home. By choosing the Chère Madam brand, you will unveil your feminine charm. Nightgowns will cultivate the image of a refined lady for every woman.

Enjoy your sunny mornings on the terrace with a cup of coffee or cozy evenings at home by the fireplace wrapped in the exclusive quality of Armani silk.

Important: White nightgowns, in compliance with hygiene norms and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, are not eligible for returns.

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