About us

Creating Chère Madam collections, we pour all our heart, love, and effort.

Each garment in the Chère Madam collection is handmade, sewn from carefully selected materials, and every detail of the garment is meticulously considered during the creation process. The special duo of "Armani silk" fabric and its processing method, known as "satin", adds its own magic to each collection, inspiring coziness, comfort, self-love, and elegance at every step, whether it's everyday attire or a special occasion outfit choice.

Chère Madam: Armani silk, feminine grace, and high quality

Handcrafted, Lithuanian women's clothing, created from meticulously selected high-quality fabrics. As designers involved in the process from the very first step, we ensure the highest quality of clothing collections. The gently flowing Armani silk textile creates a wonderful sensation, whether it's everyday wear, a special occasion, or perhaps feminine attire chosen for bedtime rituals. The delicate French embroideries complement everything, strengthening this feeling and allowing you to feel enveloped in the breath of luxurious Provence, like the queen of the evening. The clothing collections are created with love for stylish women. Women who want to feel special every day, no matter what they're doing. We sincerely believe that the touch of luxurious Armani silk to the body is not only about aesthetics and elegance but also about a special power to charm, ignite sparks, and leave an impression.


Avec L’amour

With love,

Chère Madam