Linen twisted blouse


• Naujiena - 100% lino palaidinė
• Aukščiausios kokybės lietuviškas linas - 100%;
• Išskirtinio dizaino;
• Rankų darbo;
• Pieno spalva;
• Apgalvotos detalės;



S dydis: krūtinė iki 94 cm.; Ilgis 46 cm;
Rankovių ilgis 65 cm.

M dydis: krūtinė iki 102 cm.; Ilgis 46 cm;
Rankovių ilgis 65 cm.

L dydis: krūtinė iki 110 cm; Ilgis 46 cm;
Rankovių ilgis 65 cm.

Modelis nuotraukose  170 cm. ūgio, dėvi S dydį.

Product Description

Discover natural beauty and comfort with the Chère Madam Summer Linen collection!

Do you already have linen clothes in your closet? If not, let us present and tell you about the advantages and benefits of this fabric! Linen has excellent air permeability properties that allow the skin to breathe even on the hottest days, the fabric itself is ecological and biodegradable, so by choosing linen clothes you contribute to the protection of the environment. Well, properly cared for linen clothes can last for many years without losing their shape and beauty.

Chère Madam chooses only 100% mined in Lithuania for its linen products, so when you buy our linen clothing collection, you get a completely made in Lithuania product. Linen clothes are perfectly combined for everyday use - they give a natural and cozy look, they go well with other natural materials, such as cotton. And yet, if you also want comfort during your vacation, light and breathable linen clothes are ideal for your summer vacation. They will make you feel comfortable and stylish on the beach, in the city or in nature.

In our new linen collection, find your favorite combination - a dreamy and elegant dress, a comfortable and stylish linen suit, an exclusive skirt, vest and even a blouse - combinations of natural beauty and comfort for every day.

Each linen garment is unique due to the natural fiber variations, so your wardrobe will become special and exclusive, well, if you think that linen is often only associated with summer, don't be fooled! It is also a great choice in the cold season. Linen clothing can be layered with other materials for warmth and comfort.

Discover the Chère Madam linen clothing collection and choose this summer combination.

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