Silk blouse in blue color

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◆ in Lithuania;
◆Delightful neck detail;
◆Luxury design, exclusive color;
◆Gold color details;
◆Fabric - extremely high quality "Armani" silk.

XS size: shoulders - 42 cm., chest girth - no more than 95 cm., blouse length - 60 cm.
Size S: shoulders - 44 cm., chest girth - no more than 100 cm., blouse length - 60 cm.
M/L size: shoulders - 47 cm., chest circumference - no more than 110 cm., blouse length - 60 cm.

Product Description

It doesn't matter whether it's a mild spring afternoon or a white winter outside - adorn yourself with a feminine, luxurious Armani silk blouse and embark on another adventure of the new day, exuding elegance. By choosing this piece from Chère Madam, women will feel assured, confident, and accentuate the most feminine and beautiful features of their silhouette...

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