Silk shirt

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Color:Black caviar

• itin kokybiškas ir patogus "Armani šilko" audinys;
• Išskirtinio dizaino kriauklinės marškinių sagos;
• elegantiški, stilingi ir minimalistiniai marškinių apykaklės atlapai;
• net 4 sodrios PREMIUM kolekcijos spalvos - tinkačios tiek vasaros, tiek žiemos sezonui
• Universalus devėjimo būdas.
• Rankų darbo, pagaminta Lietuvoje

Šilkas 11%, viskozė 85%, elastanas 4%.


XS/S - Marškiniai: Krūtinė iki 100cm; Ilgis 70cm; Rankovių ilgis 60cm.

M/L - Marškiniai: Krūtinė iki 110cm; Ilgis 70cm; Rankovių ilgis 60cm.

Pasiuvimo terminas - apie 14 d.d. Esant ilgai užsakymų eilei - gali ilgėti. (dėl skubaus užsakymo teirautis

Product Description

Let us inspire you with a mysterious world where beauty and tenderness come together - we want to present you a new collection of premium silk shirts!

We have been manifesting and realizing this collection in our minds for a long time, looking for exclusivity, attractiveness, comfort. We started testing last year - we wore the clothes ourselves, watched people's reactions (and there were a lot of compliments!) and finally we matured and got our money.

We often try to combine beauty and comfort, which is exactly how these silk suits are made, when you are looking for not only beauty, but also comfort. This silk fabric has been accompanying us for many years as a combination of beauty and comfort, so we guarantee that you will feel extremely comfortable with the suit, but at the same time stylish. Product innovation is also very important in our work - high-quality sewing, reliable fabrics, the decision to provide the customer with clothes that can be worn and adapted.

Our customers won't let us lie - Chère Madam creates long-lasting fashion. This shirt is proof that clothes can be fashionable, but at the same time classic, one of the must-have clothes in the wardrobe. Countless bestsellers make us feel confident that we are back with a new launch that will not disappoint our customers or the new followers of Chère Madam.

The silk shirt is available in 4 colors:

Black caviar - luxurious, classic black

Cotton candy - playful, girly pink

Bubble gum blue - rich and exclusive blue

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