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Color:Black caviar

<tc><!-- x-tinymce/html -->• Crafted from extremely high-quality and comfortable "Armani silk" fabric;
• Features shell shirt buttons of exclusive design for added sophistication.;
• Wide and comfortable shorts create a chic "skirt" effect;
• Elegant, stylish, and minimalist shirt collar lapels enhance the overall look;
• Available in four rich colors from the PREMIUM collection, suitable for both summer and winter seasons;
• Offers a universal way of wearing, serving as both pajamas and loungewear in one;
• Handmade with care in Lithuania

XS/S - Shirt: Chest up to 100cm; Length 70cm; The length of the sleeves is 60 cm.
Shorts: Length 38cm; Waist up to 74cm.

M/L - Shirt: Chest up to 110cm; Length 70cm; The length of the sleeves is 60 cm.
Shorts: Length 38cm; Waist up to 84cm

Sewing deadline - around the 14th (for urgent order, ask</tc>

Product Description

Let us enchant you with a mysterious realm where beauty and tenderness intertwine – we're excited to introduce our new collection of premium silk suits.

Is this loungewear or sleepwear?

The simple answer is: it can be both! We've been envisioning and bringing this collection to life in our minds for quite some time, seeking exclusivity, allure, and comfort. We began testing it last year – wearing the garments ourselves, observing people's reactions (and receiving numerous compliments!), and finally, we've matured and invested in it.

The silk casual suit is versatile not only in its functionality as both sleepwear and attire for a summer evening but also in its design. It effortlessly pairs with other items in your wardrobe; wear the shirt with linen shorts, a silk skirt, and the trousers will make a splendid accent with a silk shirt or when lounging at the beach! Unique design details – wide trousers, elegant shirt collar slits, and of course, classic and refined shell buttons – don't they create the perfect look?

We constantly strive to blend beauty and comfort, which is precisely how these silk suits are crafted when you seek not only beauty but also comfort. This silk fabric has been accompanying us for many years, embodying the fusion of beauty and comfort, so we guarantee that you will feel extremely comfortable in the suit, yet stylish at the same time. Product innovation is also paramount in our work – high-quality tailoring, reliable fabrics, and the decision to provide customers with clothes that can be worn and adapted.

Our customers won't let us down – Chère Madam creates enduring fashion. This particular suit is proof that clothes can be fashionable yet classic, a wardrobe essential. The countless number of bestseller products instills confidence that we're back with a new presentation that will not disappoint our customers or the new followers of Chère Madam.

Chère Madam silk suit is available in 4 colors:

Black Caviar – luxurious, classic black

Mocha – the chocolatey shade reigning supreme in fashion houses for several seasons
Cotton Candy – playful, girly pink
Bubble Gum Blue – rich and exclusive blue

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